Command Publishing System (CPS)


CPS allows users to automatically build publications (IETM/IETPs) from any standards-based source data (S1000D, MIL-SPEC, etc.) and distribute them securely to information consumers worldwide. CPS IETM/IETP’s are XML based, viewable in any web-browser, distributable on CD-ROM or USB, and highly secure.


Electronic Document and Content Manager

Online and Stand-alone Viewers (C2 Web & C2+)

Allows your organization to dynamically distribute, use, and interact with their content worldwide. CPS uses a secure online web server as well as a client viewer that can be loaded on laptops or mobile devices which synchronizes all your information products according to the rules you assign in the subscription management menu.


Parts Ordering System

From Within the Parts Manual IETP

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP’s) created as an information Product output from CPS are enabled to allow users to select and order parts automatically. After all isn’t this the most logical place to order parts from?

Electronic Automated Work Packages (EAWP)

Our EAWP software suite components form enterprise-wide business solutions in an integrated data environment, providing universal access to consistent, real-time information, enabling pro-active planning and scheduling, enhanced and standardized reporting, and total asset visibility across the entire business enterprise.


EAWP Authoring & Management Module

The electronic automated work package authoring and management module allows users to import, author, save, and reuse work packages in the system. This module allows customers to build new, company proprietary work packages at any time that take full advantage of deployed distribution and work flow infrastructure.

Diagnostic Sync

C2 Test is a plug-in module for the C2+ technical manual viewer. C2 Test interfaces with test equipment and resulting error codes to retrieve the appropriate maintenance actions for the technician to perform.

C2 S1000D Common Source Database Manager (C2CSDB)

The C2CSDB System allows users to identify, assemble and manage technical manuals. The S1000D Manager packages required files needed for deployment and viewing in the C2 Viewers (C2 Web and C2+). The C2+ Viewers use Live Rendering of the data, allowing for data filtration through the native state engine.

C2 Contract Deliverables Tracking System (C2CDTS)

C2CDTS is a web based application to manage and track contracts and associated deliverables and services against the contract. It serves as a central contract repository and simplifies the way you manage your contacts over their entire life cycle – from proposal to final delivery.

The software allows users to access relevant contractual information anytime and anywhere, receive important alerts and deadline reminders, generate reports.

Additionally, C2CDTS allows users to document the entire contractual process with comprehensive audit trails, and securely archive contracts for compliance and audit purposes.

C2 Source Data Tracking System (C2SDTS)

Source Data entities (items that generate a change to a technical manual) are tracked and disposition during the technical writing process. This system allows customer to upload, view, respond to authoring/technical questions, perform In Process Reviews (IPR), view impact (graphics/page counts), and perform final acceptance of the deliverables. The system provides capabilities for searching, sorting and filtering.

This system communicates with, and updates the C2 CDTS (Contract Deliverables Tracking System), as each technical manual that is delivered to the customer, is bound to a Project/Contract as a deliverable