Electronic Automated Work Packages (EAWP)

Our EAWP software suite components form enterprise-wide business solutions in an integrated data environment, providing universal access to consistent, real-time information, enabling pro-active planning and scheduling, enhanced and standardized reporting, and total asset visibility across the entire business enterprise.

CTI’s EAWP software suite provides seamless integration with existing ERP and Data Content Management Systems. Access to data is achieved via web-based connected and/or disconnected modes, and the collection of maintenance activity information from the technician is continuous while performing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations. Because the Work Package is integrated into the IETP, the user has access to related technical information needed to do their job, including procedures and third party component data, wiring diagrams, videos, training modules, etc. Work Packages are driven by customer-defined and approved worksheets, built and stored in the system for reuse or as a template to build a new work package plan. Completed work packages are archived upon completion, maintaining compete chain of custody information.