Database Applications

Command Tech’s Team has strong database experience. Our role as a commercial software vendor and a systems integrator means our customers benefit from the most current and best practices in database technologies.

This experience includes database design (schema design, normalization, indexing, table creation) and data manipulation (such as SQL queries, report generation, transactional processes, backup, stored procedures, PLSQL scripting). CTI supports most SQL compliant database servers such as Oracle and MS SQL Server. CTI also has experience in providing services of mapping external source data types (SGML, PDF, ASCII, second party databases, etc.) into existing database schemas. CTI is currently supporting GCSS-AF Alabama Data Center with technical activities related to data analysis, database management and its related functions. GCSS provided CTI with an IS Log File and enlisted our assistance in diagnosing and debugging issues present in their existing environment. Using tools such as HPQC “Load runner” and “web trends,” CTI SGMs are working with GCSS, providing feedback and recommendations.