Command Publishing System (CPS)


CPS allows users to automatically build publications (IETM/IETPs) from any standards-based source data (S1000D, MIL-SPEC, etc.) and distribute them securely to information consumers worldwide. CPS IETM/IETP’s are XML based, viewable in any web-browser, distributable on CD-ROM, and highly secure.

Our CPS Product is a complete Turn Key solution that does the following things:

1) Takes your data in any format or specification, from any authoring system, and stores it in a specification agnostic repository (or maintains it in compliance to a specification such as S1000D if you so desire).

2) Builds customer-specific information products on demand and in compliance with any specification, standard, or output media required by the customer. (IETM/IETP’s etc.)

With the technology available today, you should not have to invest in expensive proprietary systems to support different specifications like S1000D, MIL-SPEC, etc. CPS is configured to support your work flow and requirements, and produce and deliver the information product you require now and in the future. Technology has evolved and so have the tools to free you from the cycle of never-ending data conversion projects and perpetual reliance on outside consultants and contractors.

One source. Unlimited output.